General Assembly Seventieth session Informal Dialogues with Candidates for the Position of Secretary-General: Ms. Irina Bokova

Gene­ral Assem­bly Seven­ti­e­th ses­si­on Infor­mal Dia­lo­gues with Can­di­da­tes for the Posi­ti­on of Secreta­ry-Gene­ral: Ms. Iri­na Boko­va

Panel L-R

Ms. Iri­na Boko­va (Bul­ga­ria), Direc­tor-Gene­ral of the United Nati­ons Edu­ca­tio­nal, Sci­en­ti­fic and Cul­tu­ral Orga­niza­t­i­on (UNESCO)
Mr. Mogens Lykketoft, Pre­si­dent of the seven­ti­e­th ses­si­on of the Gene­ral Assem­bly.
Ms. Cathe­ri­ne Pol­lard, Under Secreta­ry-Gene­ral for Gene­ral Assem­bly and Con­fe­ren­ce Manage­ment.

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